Cut the stress in running your business and practice.

Accomplish more by hiring your own team

TeamUp, being a collective, always has a ready
pool of experts to help grow your business

If you’ve got the skills, wit, and determination to excel

Professionals and SMEs are looking for accessible experts to help scale their business and practice.

We’ve conducted a survey to show the top areas professionals
and SMEs are falling short:

Do you feel like you’re always chasing targets, meetings, and holidays ?

Literally move mountains of emails and pending tasks with the help of your Team. Now is probably the right time to get your time back.

Are you constantly finding out gaps and missing critical information that could help your business and practice ?

Growing your business and practice can be challenging especially when you are overwhelmed. Your Team will take care of the nitty-gritty stuff, so you can focus on the bigger things.

Are you frustrated from the belief
that you can achieve so much more and scale faster with a better system and team?

Get more done with the right team. Amplify productivity, hit more goals, and gain better results.

Your Team can help you with

Get everything done for you by your Team


Our team of experts are educated and trained to accomplish tasks related to various fields and niches. They are not only your hands that help run your business, but as well as the extra brains to help you win in your business.


TeamUp always has a pool to expert talents ready to be assigned within 24 hours from the time you requested for your team. Deployment time may vary for highly specialised roles.


Skip the long process of onboarding your team with long client interviews and back-and-forth calls and emails. You will be provided candidates based on the profile you set during Talent Marketplace.


Teams can work based on your time zone and can extend hours per request. They are also provided support and further learning opportunities to unlock their hidden skills and capacity to make sure you always have the right team fit.

Ready for your Team?

Step 1

Create the profile of the Team you require. You can choose traits and requirements based on pre-filled information or submit a PDF of the job description.

Step 2

Fill out your contact information.

Step 3

Our team will provide you with candidates for selection or interview

Step 4

Schedule the kick-off meeting with your new team.