Cut the stress in running your business and practice.

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We’re looking for exceptional individuals.

Professionals and SMEs are looking for accessible experts
to help scale their business and practice.

We’ve conducted a survey to show the top areas professionals and SMEs are falling short:

Do you struggle to find time for strategic work?

Literally move mountains of emails and pending tasks. Get your time back with your own dedicated TeamUp.

Determined to scale your business, but you are working on a budget?

TeamUp provides flexibility for you to find the right match for your business needs. 

Is your business growth hampered by administrative tasks?

Get more done with the right team. Amplify productivity, hit more goals, and gain better results.

What Can Your Team Can Do

General VAs

Takes care of a broad range of administrative and technical skills for various tasks

This is best for....

Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Freelancers, Consultants, SMEs
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Specialized VAs

Possess in-depth knowledge and experience in a specific industry or niche

This is best for....

Industries in Healthcare, Finance, Real Estate, Legal, Business Development, Human Resource
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Executive VAs

Supports executives and CEOs, handling complex tasks and confidential information

This is best for....

Company Executives, Solopreneurs, Companies with Complex Operations
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Why Choose to Hire from TeamUp

Here are the advantages when you choose to hire from TeamUp


Our Virtual Assistants aren't just extra hands; they're highly trained professionals with the skills and knowledge to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow.


We offer a diverse talent pool with expertise across various fields and niches, ensuring we can find the perfect fit to tackle your specific business needs.


Skip the long process of on-boarding your team with long interviews and back-and-forth calls and emails. Our in-depth recruiting ensures you get top talent, ready to join your team in no time.


Your Team can work based on your time zone. We pair you with a Team who complements your work style and tackles your specific needs.

Ready for your Team?

Step 1

Create the profile of the Virtual Assistant you require or submit a PDF of the job description.

Step 2

Fill out your contact information.

Step 3

Your Client Success Consultant will provide you with candidates for selection or interview

Step 4

Schedule the kick-off meeting with your new team member.